What’s So Great About “Expository Preaching”?

Christ’s church at First Baptist has embarked upon another preaching series. We will walk through the book of Daniel verse-by-verse. Our

church proclaims God’s Word through an “expository preaching” method of communication. This post is not designed to define “expository preaching” (you can read that here) or argue why it is the best method of preaching (you can read that here).

Here, we seek to answer the question: “Why is expository preaching beneficial?” I believe I can sum it up in four ways …

You receive the full doctrine of God. Preachers may be tempted to avoid certain teachings. In verse-by-verse expository preaching, all doctrines must be addressed. (For example, in 1 Timothy, we explored the role of women in the church and how you are supposed to manage your money—two sensitive subjects). Difficult subjects are addressed for the growth of the Christian and the glory of God.

You receive God’s Word (not the ideas of men). In an age of self-help sermons and man-centered messages, expository preaching is about God and His Word. It gives people what they really need: God. Because the message comes from the Bible it is authoritative, powerful, and Spirit-driven.

You receive variety. The various topics present in Scripture become the themes of each message. Certainly the gospel and its themes should be heard often. But, as we work through Bible books, we cover a variety of subjects, as well. (In Colossians, we heard from God concerning three roles in three verses over three Sundays: wives, husbands, and children [3:18-20]).

You receive training. How you interact with the Bible changes as you sit under expository preaching. You begin thinking biblically, reading the Bible differently, and knowing your Lord deeply. Over time, your expectations are raised and senses trained to discern God’s Words.

Expository preaching benefits you. It does this by deepening your well to absorb the Word of God as it was meant to be absorbed. Then, over time, you grow in your walk with Christ and become spiritually strong, strengthened off the Words of God!