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Meet our Pastor, We understand that life has only one firm foundation: Jesus Christ. It is through Him that we find stability, peace, and joy. In a world of uncertainty, He is the only hope.

That truth transforms lives at this church. We are a community of Christians who love our Savior and one another. We are honored to represent Him! We encourage others to come be part of what Christ Jesus is doing here in our family, teaching, and fellowship.

Family. In Christ, we are family (Rom. 12:5). All ages and walks of life are united by faith in Christ. We love to serve one another and our community!

Teaching. We preach and teach in the attitude of Richard Baxter: “as dying men to dying men.” It is through the Bible that the power of God works. (2 Tim. 3:16). God speaks through His Scriptures and we love to hear from Him!

Fellowship. Time spent together is a source of encouragement and hope (Heb. 10:25). We enjoy church family outings and activities. Many happy memories are made as we enjoy fun times together!

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