The Bible has answers. Through a knowledge of God, we have “everything pertaining to life and godliness” we need to know (2 Pet 1:3). Scripture is an unending handbook of solutions for life’s problems (cf. 2 Tim 3:16-17). As a result, the church is the place where the shepherding and counseling of God’s people is to be done. Because of the sufficiency, relevance, and power of the Scriptures, biblical counseling is the solution for the struggles of the fallen flesh. Secular psychology and the most recent methodologies have no place in the care for the Christian wherever they contradict the Word of God. Counseling the believer through the Scriptures brings heart change, not just behavior modification.

For an expanded definition of biblical counseling, click here. The worldview that accompanies biblical counseling is also available here.

We offer the power of the Scriptures here at the FBW. Biblical counseling is wholly biblical. Contact the church today if we can serve you in an area of need.

[The First Baptist Church of Wellsburg (WV) provides its counseling services based on the written and firmly held religious beliefs. This church has no affiliation with the APA, A-Psych, AMA, or similar organizations or  compliance with their standards–particularly in ideologies which contradict the sacred Scriptures. All patients seeking medical care should consult a medical professional.]