A Children’s Ministry that Glorifies God!

At FBW, the objectives for our Children’s Ministry are two-fold. It exists to glorify God through evangelizing children and encouraging parents in their God-gifted roles. The goal is that the gospel may be spread among our children and families may be supported.

Evangelizing children is the first objective for our ministry. Because the church has a mandate to proclaim the gospel  (Matt 28:18-20, Luke 24:46-47), our motivation for Children’s Ministry begins with God’s command to evangelize the lost, which also includes children (Acts 2:39). Evangelism is the cornerstone of our ministry to children. Their greatest need is the gospel; the gospel message is our greatest opportunity for eternal impact (Rom 10:14-16).

Encouraging parents is the second objective for the ministry. Because parents have a mandate to raise their children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord (Eph 6:4, Col 3:21), they are to be the primary evangelists and spiritual trainers of their children. The Scriptures call for strong Christian families, grown and molded through the ministry of the body of Christ (Eph 5-6). The Children’s Ministry at FBW seeks to support and enhance the spiritual vitality of the home without usurping the parental role and responsibility.

We realize that the economy in which children live is “fun!” We never remove the fun and joy of childhood from our ministry. But we also take great care to abstain from following the current trend in churches that have replaced Bible teaching and evangelism with entertainment. We love to have fun and it is an ever-present component in our Children’s Ministry. It is a secondary element to the rich truths of God’s Word being planted in the young hearts. Thus, our Children’s Ministry becomes an effective vehicle through which the church is strengthened as she glorifies God through sharing the gospel and supporting strong families.