One Story of Salvation for a Homosexual

In yesterday’s sermon, we saw that the consequences of unbelief are severe. In court-like fashion, Paul makes six indictments against the human race (Rom 1:20-32). Our message was on sexual immorality (vv.24-25) and homosexuality (vv.26-27). When human beings persist in sin, God gives them over to their sin.

Yet, we also saw that God offers salvation to all who believe (Rom 1:16). Despite the downward spiral of sexual enslavement, God will still redeem the repentant from eternal torment. He is a God who is holy, wrathful, just, and merciful all at the same time.

Rosaria Butterfield knows this well. We heard part of her story in the sermon. Rosaria was a lesbian professor in a secular university. God, in His grace, saved her out of that sin. Christianity Today carried her Train Wreck Conversion testimony. She writes about the Dead End of Sexual Sin and speaks about the importance of loving those practicing homosexual sin. Rosaria is a trophy of God’s grace!

When it comes to immorality and homosexuality, human beings get what they want. God leaves them to their sin and its inevitable consequences. But, God never slams the door. As Rosaria can tell you, His grace is good and His love is sufficient. He is a fountain of forgiveness to anyone who believes.