Gay “Marriage” and Devotion to Christ 2

In science, the second law of thermodynamics explains why things deteriorate over time. We see this in nature and everyday life. We now see this in the redefinition of a millennia-old institution: marriage. The Supreme Court narrowly passed a law that disallows states to keep marriage between a man and a woman. (Some on the court recognized the folly of the decision; see their quotes here). While this is morally wrong and constitutionally problematic, we also see this as an opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to that which does not fade or deteriorate: the Word of God (Matt 24:35).

We affirm that the Bible is God’s Word and it is unbreakable. God created and defined marriage. He has not changed His definition of it. Jesus reaffirms God’s plan for marriage as existing between a male and female (Mark 10:6-9). John MacArthur has said, “No human court has the authority to redefine marriage.” As men may try, they will never succeed in usurping God’s plans (Dan 4:35, Matt 16:18). We stand firm on the Scriptures and see no reason to panic because sinful men “give hearty approval” to others who practice sin (Rom 1:32). God is in control of it all.

We affirm the Bible’s teaching on judgment. That’s right—even though that little 8-letter word is scorned by those who misunderstand it, we exercise judgment and discernment in all we do. The Bible’s judgment on homosexuality is that it is the pinnacle of depravity (Rom 1:24-32), eliminating its participants from the kingdom of God (1 Cor 6:9-11). The Bible is clear. It instructs us how to view and “judge” this rebellion.

We affirm the Bible’s teaching on love and evangelism. Christians are called to gospel evangelism (Matt 28:18-20) with a love for others (Matt 22:39). We will love the homosexual; we will share the gospel and encourage the homosexual to repent. It is unloving to simply stand aside while those made in God’s image—though marred—slip into eternal torment. We love the homosexual (and others) too much to affirm their sin and see them miss out on the one relationship that will bring true satisfaction.

God’s Word will not perish. It has not changed. The Lord’s instructions still exhort us to judge rightly, love, and evangelize the lost. We must do this. The court’s decision on Friday was simply a wake-up call to the church in America: shelf the programs, unplug the entertainment, and go do what you are called to do. It is clear. It is simple. Will you reaffirm your commitment to Christ and be faithful to His Word?

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2 thoughts on “Gay “Marriage” and Devotion to Christ

  • Bob Jones

    Our church discussed this a part of our services yesterday. We came us with a couple things to consider. Yes, we must love the sinner while hating the sin. AND We must stand up for what we believe. We do it in love; but if it offends people then it offends them. We stand on the word of God and do not water it down.

  • Dan Crago

    I agree, 100%, with all the above. God is in complete control. He has been in control from before the creation of this world. Why would He not be now? It doesn’t even make sense from a human perspective that He would forfeit His sovereignty, even temporarily, to allow a handful of humans, the supreme court, to override His authority concerning anything, if it was not within His plan.

    I don’t think that we, as a nation, realize, at this point, the depth and severity that this decision will have on us.

    Christians, everywhere, need to take a stand and let their voices be heard!

    May God Bless You!
    Dan Crago