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Churches spend millions of dollars on renovations. They market-test people, carefully select colors and lighting, and drop some hefty gees on reconstruction. It is done in the name of “reaching people,” “missions,” or “ministry.” In light of eternity, many of these bombshells fail. Why do they fail? The church physically […]

Renovating the Heart

Yesterday’s sermon took us to Gentile territory. Jesus and the disciples were in foreigner country. Christ’s ever-increasing focus was on developing disciples for their mission following His departure. We also saw a fitting preview of the gospel message that would be for all peoples—not only the Jews. Appearing among these […]

Sermon in Review: The Syrophoenician Woman

The Martin family is grateful for the Christian love of FBW. The gifts presented to us on Sunday are a tangible evidence of a love we’ve experienced at this church. We are thankful for each and every person of our church family. Thank you for making our ministry here so […]

“Thank you” to the People of FBW

In yesterday’s sermon, we saw that the consequences of unbelief are severe. In court-like fashion, Paul makes six indictments against the human race (Rom 1:20-32). Our message was on sexual immorality (vv.24-25) and homosexuality (vv.26-27). When human beings persist in sin, God gives them over to their sin. Yet, we […]

One Story of Salvation for a Homosexual

The Bruce Jenner transformation is getting a lot of media attention. He is depicted as “courageous” because he is following through with who he believes he is. ESPN is giving him a “courage” award (by contrast, this article argues true courage is found in our military, law enforcement, etc.). Yet, […]

Bruce Jenner, Biblically

Our sermon on Membership Sunday addressed five questions regarding church membership. It helped fill-in the gaps we might have about the Bible’s teaching on membership. It also explained what membership at FBW looks like. Below is an overview of that message. 1. Who is membership for? Church membership is for […]

Sermon in Review: Membership