In every church exists a combination of infant, child, and adult. Yes, every church has these. We can say this with certainty because each redeemed individual is at a different place in his/her spiritual growth. Some are infants, some children, and some adults. God matures each of His children at […]

Spiritual Maturity

Dear Friends and Family, Here in the Czech Republic we are closing in on the end of summer, are preparing for a new season in our church, and are gearing up for a new academic year at the Czech Bible Institute. Here are some updates and ways that you can […]

Remember Our Missionaries

Christ’s church at First Baptist has embarked upon another preaching series. We will walk through the book of Daniel verse-by-verse. Our church proclaims God’s Word through an “expository preaching” method of communication. This post is not designed to define “expository preaching” (you can read that here) or argue why it […]

What’s So Great About “Expository Preaching”?

Today is part 2 of a post that sets out to answer the question, “what does the Bible teach about ‘churchless Christianity'”? In other words, what are we to make of those who claim to be believers, yet avoid the church? These last five points conclude the answer. They remind […]

“Churchless Christianity?” (Part 2)

There is no such thing as “churchless Christianity.” The sun rises in the morning, land wars are brutal in Asia, and Americans pay taxes. Christians are part of a church. Unless they aren’t. In the present day, it has become quite fashionable to declare “I am a Christian!” yet live […]

“Churchless Christianity?” (Part 1)

The cycle has begun anew. At FBW, some have begun a new Bible reading plan. They are working their way through the Bible in year. Some Sunday School classes have begun anew a curriculum that takes them through the story of Scripture—again. Inevitably, we reread parts of the Bible we’re […]

Read (and reread) the Bible

(From the blog series “Before I Post to Facebook”) It is a mirror. It is an accurate reflection. If you step back and consider your Facebook, you will learn a great deal about yourself. Ask yourself: “What themes run through my posts? How do I view my friend count? What […]

“What Can I Learn About Myself from Facebook?”

(From the blog series “Before I Post to Facebook”) You are a teacher. Yes, that’s right—you teach. People do read what you post on Facebook and they do learn something. It could be good. Or, it could be bad. Before posting, we would do well to ask, “what does my […]

“What Does My Facebook Teach People?”

(From the blog series “Before I Post to Facebook”) “One of the greatest uses of Twitter and Facebook will be to prove at the Last Day that prayerlessness was not from lack of time” – John Piper Piper’s statement quiets all of us. What do we say to it? We […]

“How Is My Worship of God Impacted By Time On ...

(From the blog series “Before I post to Facebook”). “They have their reward in full” – Jesus. The Lord draws a clear conclusion to the deeds of self-advertisers. In Matthew 6:1-7, Jesus reviews the various ways His contemporaries draw attention to themselves. They publically “practice righteousness” (v.1), “sound a trumpet” […]

“Who Receives Glory From My Post?”