Meet our Pastor

Pastor Michael loves Christ and the privilege of ministry. He can’t imagine doing anything else. A native of Pennsylvania, he spent time in Phoenix and Los Angeles before arriving at FBW. The Lord has blessed him with an amazing wife, Heather. Together, they have Olivia, Caleb, and Matthew. His favorite things to do include time spent with family, reading, gardening, and grilling.

Pastor Michael is a graduate of the Master’s Seminary in Los Angeles. (Check out TMS distinctives to learn about his core convictions and teaching ministry.) Because God’s power is in His Word, He has a high view of Scripture and preaches it passionately.

Current reading list: “You Don’t Need a Title to be a Leader,” Sanborn; “Grant: A Biography,” Chernow; “Christ’s Call to Reform the Church,” MacArthur; “Emotional Intelligence 2.0,” Bradybury & Greaves; “The Preacher’s Catechism,” Allen.