Digging Deeper

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Sometimes you have to dig. Deep.

Because we will always get out of the Christian life what we put in, we need to dig deep into God’s Word. “Digging Deeper” are stand alone studies that teach us about topics, issues, and matters relevant to the Christian faith.


Examples of “Digging Deeper” studies include:

  • “Marks of a Healthy Church”
  • “What Happens to Infants when they Die?”
  • “Evangelism 101: How to share the Gospel”
  • “Judging Others: the Most Misunderstood Passage”
  • “How God Loves”
  • “What is God’s Will for My Life?”

The Bible teaches us there is a direct connection between living a life for the Lord and growing in knowledge. One can “walk in a manner worthy of the Lord” as he/she is “increasing in the knowledge of God” (Col 1:10). The church family at FBW understands this and seeks to dig deeply into His Word as we strive to live wholly unto Him!